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Welcome to the home of harmony singing in Chesterfield.

A longstanding love affair with unaccompanied harmony singing drove our founder, Dawn Kelly, to start a very special group to bring to life the wonderful opportunity for women to sing and entertain.  Dawn has the remarkable ability to sing all parts (but not all at once - yet!) with a vision for the Chorus that is as bright and engaging as her wonderful smile.

As operational director she developed the invaluable support of solid management and talented music team structures behind the scenes which mean that our singers just turn up, sing and enjoy.

“I want “Aurora” to be a happy, welcoming Chorus but also the best there is” - well we are getting there Dawn.  Thank you for your vision.

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Aurora - The Chorus

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Aurora is looking for a new
Musical Director.

The new MD does not need to be an experienced MD but must have experience with A Cappella and be able to sight-read music.

Please contact Dawn if you are interested in this role.